Adam Linson

Dr-Adam-LinsonName: Adam Linson



Dr Adam Linson is a University of Stirling (50th) Anniversary (Research) Fellow, with a dual appointment in Computing Science and Philosophy. His interdisciplinary research in embodied cognitive science and neuroinformatics focusses on situated auditory cognition and computational psychiatry. This builds on his previous postdoctoral work on ecological psychology, in relation to active inference (University of Edinburgh) and musical improvisation (University of Oxford), extending from his doctoral studies on cybernetic systems and robotic architectures (funded by the Centre for Research in Computing, Open University). He developed his interdisciplinary approach out of earlier work, earning a master of fine arts for computer-based music (Bard College) and an undergraduate honours degree in philosophy (UC San Diego).


Recent Publication
Linson A, Clark A, Ramamoorthy S and Friston K (2018) The Active Inference Approach to Ecological Perception: General Information Dynamics for Natural and Artificial Embodied Cognition. Front. Robot. AI 5:21. doi: 10.3389/frobt.2018.00021