Eric Barnhill

Name: Eric Barnhill

Research Area: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Medical Image Analysis

Department: Institute for Medical Informatics, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin



Eric Barnhill is a researcher in medical image analysis. Prior to entering science, he worked as a music therapist and Dalcroze teacher in New York City for ten years. He has background in classical and improvisational piano, Dalcroze method, Feldenkrais method, and Java programming.

Research Interests

My principal publications have centred around the improvement of statistical, image processing, and computational methods for problems in viscoelasticity and motion capture. I maintain a strong interest in growing the evidence base for manual, movement-, and music-based therapies, by developing new techniques for measurement and statistical analysis, and using these techniques to better measure the power music and movement have to address developmental delays and neurodegenerative diseases.

Musical Interests

I am interested in active, improvised, and collaborative musical experience, especially genres that feature interaction between improvised music and improvised movement, and blur lines between listener and performer. For years I maintained a blog called The Daily Improvisation, which has several hundred improvisations on it (of varying quality) and can be found at Of course I am also interested in emergent interactions of music, movement, and mind/brain.


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Barnhill, E. (2014). Entrainment is sparse. Frontiers in human neuroscience8.

Barnhill, E., Kennedy, P., Johnson, C. L., Mada, M., & Roberts, N. (2015). Real‐time 4D phase unwrapping applied to magnetic resonance elastography. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine73(6), 2321-2331.

Barnhill, E., Kennedy, P., Hammer, S., van Beek, E. J., Brown, C., & Roberts, N. (2013). Statistical mapping of the effect of knee extension on thigh muscle viscoelastic properties using magnetic resonance elastography. Physiological measurement34(12), 1675.

Barnhill, E. (2013). Neural connectivity, music, and movement: a response to Pat Amos. Frontiers in integrative neuroscience7.

Barnhill, E., Kennedy, P., Brown, C., van Beek, E., & Roberts, N. (2013). Magnetic Resonance Elastography of Skeletal Muscle Capture Individual Heterogeneity in a Knee Extension Task, British journal of sports medicine47(17)

Invited Lectures & Conference Presentations

2015 “Super-Resolution Multifrequency Magnetic Resonance Elastography (SSR-MMRE): State of the Art and Clinical Potential”, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA

2015 “A Sparsity-Based Approach To Entrainment: Theory and Exploratory Movement Analysis”, Second Conference of Dalcroze Studies, Vienna, Austria

2015 “Impact Of Musical Scaffolding On Phase Locking Value (PLV) In A Dyadic Ball Tossing Task: Pilot Results”, Institut Jaques-Dalcroze Quadrennial Congrés de Rhythmique, Geneva, Switzerland

2015 “Stationary Super-Resolution Multifrequency Magnetic Resonance Elastography: Applications To Brain”, ISMRM 2015 International Conference, Toronto, Canada, June 2015

2015 “SR-MMRE: A New Kind of Super-Resolution MRI Imaging”, Queen’s Medical Research Institute Imaging Seminar Series, Edinburgh, UK, May 2015

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2015 “Super-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Elastography with the Elastography Software Library”, Institute of Bioengineering Lecture Series, Edinburgh, UK, February 2015

2015 “Super-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Elastography with the Elastography Software Library”, Queen’s Medical Research Institute Research In Progress Presentation, Edinburgh, UK, January 2015

2014 “Elastography Software Library (ESL) for Rapid High Resolution Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) Image Processing”, SINAPSE (Scottish Imaging Network) Annual Scientific Meeting, Edinburgh, UK, June 2014

2014 “Inline 3D MRE Dual-Parameter Mapping for the Siemens ICE Platform”, Siemens 2014 European IDEA User Conference, Bristol, UK, June 2014

2014 “The Elastography Software Library (ESL): Software and Signal Processing For High Resolution MR Elastography ”, Elastography in Man and Mouse Symposium, Berlin, Germany, May 2014

2014 “MR Elastography: From Average To Atlas” Intitute for Process, Mechanical, and Energy Engineering IB3 Presentation Series, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, March 2014

2013 “Music, Connectivity, and the Plastic Brain” Discover Dalcroze Conference, University of St. Andrews, St. Andrews, UK, July 2013

2013 “Prior Plausibility for Music-Movement Interventions: Support From Evolutionary And Systems Neurobiology” International Conference of Dalcroze Studies, University of Coventry, Coventry, UK, July 2013

2013 “Mapping Rhythms Onto the Body” Embodied Music Cognition Conference, University of Edinburgh, July 2013

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2012 ”Empowering through Rhythm.” TED talk at TEDxBermuda, Bermuda, October 2012

2012 ”Movement, Aural Imagery, and Ear Training.” Institute for Music in Human and Social Development Annual Conference, Sussex, UK, August 2012

2012 ”A Novel Image Processing Pipeline for Magnetic Resonance Elastograpy.” Winner, Best Presentation, Scottish University Physics Alliance INSPIRE Annual Conference, Edinburgh, UK, May 2012

2012 3 day workshop: ”Music and Movement for Asperger’s”. International Conference on Active Musical Education, Monterrey, MX, August 2012

2012 Featured presenter, weeklong course: ”Music, Health and Wellbeing for Healthcare Providers and Practitioners.” Tec De Monterrey, Monterrey, MX, August 2012

Funding Awarded

2015 Medical Research Council / University of Edinburgh Department of Informatics Confidence in Concept (CiC) Post-Doctoral Research Grant

2014 SINAPSE (Scottish Imaging Network) Early Career Development Award

2011 Scottish University Physics Alliance Industrial Prize Studentship in partnership with Mentholatum Company

2011 School of Arts, Culture and Environment postgraduate scholarship (declined)


Designed and taught graduate-level Dalcroze course at Mannes College of Music, New York, USA, 2007