Yili Gao

Name: Yili Gaoyilis-photo

PhD Research Area: Family Musical Involvement and Family Emotional Adjustment

Department: Reid School of Music

Supervisors: Prof Raymond MacDonald & Dr Graeme Wilson

Email: s1206699@sms.ed.ac.uk



Yili achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and Bachelor of Law from Sichuan Normal University, during which time she also undertook internships at Yaan Tin Ka Ping Secondary School and Luzhou Special School as a music teacher. She then completed her MMus at the University of Edinburgh, where she explored the influence of taking extra-curricular music education on young Chinese people’s musical identities. After returning to China, she worked for a college in Chengdu as a teaching assistant and counselor, and continued her research into musical activities and family studies. Yili has experience in teaching law and policy, singing, and piano.


Research Interests

  • Music education
  • Music psychology
  • Ethnomusicology

Yili’s current research focuses on the relationship between family musical involvement and family emotional adjustment, and aims to explore how musical involvement can help family members express their emotions and feelings.


Musical Interests

Yili is a pianist and she also plays violin, guitar, Guzheng (Chinese zither), harmonica and flute. She is also professional in traditional Chinese opera fasinging.



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