Dr Katie Overy Chairs a Symposium at the Neurosciences and Music V Conference in Dijon

IMG_2103Dr Katie Overy chaired a Symposium entitled The Beat: A Structured Environment for Movement, Communication and Socialization, at the Neurosciences and Music V Cognitive Stimulation and Rehabilitation Conference, which took place from 29th May-1st June 2014 in Dijon (France).

The Symposium chaired by Dr Katie Overy featured talks from Dr Laurel Trainor, Dr Jessica Grahn and Prof Sonja Kotz and focused on the importance of rhythm for movement, communication and socialisation in both healthy individuals and patients. Katie’s own presentation entitled ‘Motor Responses to a Steady Beat’ featured work involving several other IMHSD members and former members including Ana Almeida, Sujin Hong, Emma Moore & Dr Rebecca Schaefer.

A paper related to Katie’s talk has recently been published.

Schaefer, R. S., & Overy, K. (2015). Motor responses to a steady beat. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1337(1), 40-44.