Emma Moore Attends a Summer School on Cognitive Neuroscience in Helsinki


Emma Moore (left) with Tal Blecher from Bar Ilan University, Israel

IMHSD PhD student Emma Moore was awarded a Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) and International Brain Research Organisation Pan European Regional Committee (IBRO-PERC) stipend to attend a summer school on the cognitive neuroscience of music, hosted by  University of Helsinki in August 2016. The course brought together 20 postgraduate students from across the world to learn about brain-imaging techniques that can used for the real-time measurement of human brain responses to music, and featured lectures on topics including music and language, music and neurorehabilitation and music and emotions, as well as practical laboratory sessions.

To read more about Emma’s trip to Helsinki please use the following link http://www.eca.ed.ac.uk/reid-school-of-music/news-events/music-phd-student-awarded-stipend-to-travel-to-summer-school-in