Zack Moir releases new track in aid of Diabetes UK

Dr Zack Moir, Lecturer in Popular Music at Edinburgh Napier University, was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 17-years-old, and living with the condition sees Zack walk a daily tightrope as he manages the disease. However, after receiving an insulin pump in 2014 as part of his treatment, the condition has become easier to manage. In addition to contributing to health improvements, the pump has also brought new inspiration to his composition.

Taking data from his diabetes management, and sampling sounds that are related to the daily experience of living with the condition, Zack has created a piece of music that he has released in order to raise funds for the charity Diabetes UK. The track – IDDM – is now available to stream on Spotify and is available to purchase through iTunes.

Video explanation:

Blog about the composition process: